For Tokenized Asset Protocols, Issuers, and Originators

If you are directly involved in the process of tokenizing assets as a protocol, issuer, or originator, we want to include you and your assets on the dashboard!

There are three steps to being fully integrated into our platform:

  1. Listing your company info on our directory

  2. Onboarding info about your assets

  3. Integrating data from your on-chain contracts

Step 1. Company Info

The directory features all companies involved in asset tokenization, in one place for easy reference and searching. Each company gets a section similar to the following:

To get your company listed on the directory, fill out this Google Form: Listing Form (Tokenization Protocols, Originators, Issuers)

We’ll review your response within a few days. If we have any questions, we’ll contact you. Once we have all everything we need, we’ll let you know when your info is live on the site!

Step 2. Asset Info + Data Feeds

The next step is to onboard qualitative information about your assets so that they can be listed under the appropriate asset class page in our dashboard.

After completing Step 1, we’ll send you a template spreadsheet for you to fill out. Once you return it to us, we will review it within a few days. Our analysts will likely have some further questions to be answered, and after we have all the information we need, we’ll be able to list your assets on the site.

Step 3. On-Chain Data

This is the deepest level of integration that we offer. Collecting data from your on-chain smart contracts allows us to display all quantitative info about your assets on our dashboard.

After completing Step 2, we’ll send you a technical diligence form that will need to be filled out by someone in your contract engineering team. Our engineers will then work with yours over the course of a week to understand everything about how your contracts work, and how we can read the necessary data from them.

For protocols that do not follow a common standard (eg. ERC-20, ERC-4626, etc.), we are currently backlogged multiple months for this level of integration. We are actively working on building more capacity to onboard partners quicker. In some cases it may be possible to prioritize your integration.

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